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Universal benefits:

All residents of Space with a Soul benefit from our single minded focus on using our scale to reduce the pain of running a small organization. We ask ourselves a simple question every day – “What have we done today to make it easier for our residents to focus on their mission?”. This is a foundational question for us, and we strive to answer it better each and every day.

Benefits for nonprofits and innovation partners:

Beyond the obvious economies of scale, there are countless benefits of locating within a multi-resident managed office center. At Space with a Soul, however, we go a few steps further as a result we are able to offer more to our residents.

After a thorough search and vetting process, we have amassed a network of trusted service providers. The collective size of our residents serves as the weight behind our negotiations. Any time one of our residents needs to contract one of these providers, we can serve as a mediator. In time and in expenses, this further reduces the operational costs of a nonprofit or small company.

Other benefits of locating at Space with a Soul are:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased visibility in the community
  • Better quality and location of office space
  • Improvements in staff morale
  • Collaboration with other organizations
  • More resources and time devoted to mission

If you are a nonprofit that would like to take advantage of these benefits, please fill out our Nonprofit Application.


Benefits for commercial residents:

Regardless of the service they provide, startup and small businesses deal with many of the same challenges that their nonprofit counterparts face. As a part of the Space with a Soul community, our commercial residents receive all of the same benefits we offer to our residents, with some added.

After approval by Space with a Soul, renting office space here will allow direct access to the businesses of our nonprofit residents and allow firms to build their clientele base with greater ease. Networking, introductions, and negotiations costs will be minimized. In combination with the resources saved on daily operations, this gives small and growing businesses the capacities of much larger enterprises.

To apply for space as a commercial resident, please fill out our Commercial Application.