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At Space with a Soul, we believe that nonprofit organizations are complex, ever evolving businesses. Our Mission is to assist nonprofit organizations, small companies, and innovation partners with achieving sustainability by developing best practices, increasing efficiency, and reducing operational overhead.

Our goal is to help organizations allocate more time and money to mission, rather than operations. We achieve our goal by providing shared office space, developing shared services, and engaging companies with a track record of work with the nonprofit community to provide affordable services to our residents.

We call what we do Mission Acceleration.

Mission Acceleration creates a physical space in which nonprofits with diverse missions come together with innovative companies in a positive and healthy work environment. In that space nonprofits are joined by our commercial partners. Each understands the other better from working side by side. Community grows as the space is animated with the creative energy of discussion, collaboration, and debate. Organized lectures and informal lunch conversation subtly influence the way our members think about their own work and how they see the work of others. By actively engaging with our community, we build a supportive network of stakeholders while providing our residents with the organizational capacity of a large enterprise.

We are Space with a Soul.

Accelerate with us.

Space with a Soul is an innovative nonprofit mission accelerator that solves the systemic problems of nonprofits, small companies, and startups. We are building a supportive ecosystem that includes dedicated support staff, volunteers, and committed professional service providers. Our community is united by a desire to give small organizations the ability to focus their energies on mission, and remove the hassles and distractions of operational overhead. We provide space, services, and infrastructure to give small nonprofits, companies, and startups the organizational capacity of large corporations.

Our vision is to create a shared space in which interesting organizations, regardless of mission, can come together and share knowledge, follow best practices, and experiment to find innovative ways to solve problems. Our size and scale allows organizations to benefit from reduced operational costs while engaging the co-located professional service providers for specialized expertise at affordable rates. These providers are more than vendors; instead they are partners in problem solving.

We are Space with a Soul. Our work is mission acceleration. Join us.